Solder Gel Flux

AMTECH/REISBA NC-559-ASM No-Clean Tacky Gel Solder Flux 10cc X2 Kit

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As always, we have WAAAAAAAAY too many of these babies….

The boss says, “Sell some on the Interwebs…!!!”

We use this stuff all the time.  Every tech has a couple of tubes on his/her bench for “rewetting” old solder joints just prior to removal or for fluxing new SMD component pads to help in component adherence and solder joint integrity.  It works great for motherboard re-work, BGA soldering, etc.

(BTW… Unlike so many other sellers, we INCLUDE a universal syringe plunger.  No “finger pushing” for our customers….)


  • Product is a “no-clean” solder flux, produces very little residue, often no need for post-soldering washing.
  • The residue is colorless and transparent – appearance is outstanding.
  • Excellent printing performance that’s suitable for hand or machine screening.  (We often “screen” print this flux on new production and/or prototype boards…)

Brand:                 AMTECH (AMTECH like Reisba is a private branded product mfg. in the same licensed factory in China!)
Capacity:            10 CC
Model:                NC-559-ASM

What’s included:

      • TWO (2) 10cc tubes of AMTECH flux gel
      • FOUR (4) 16GA x ½” Luer lock blunt dispensing needle tips
      • ONE (1) reusable universal syringe plunger


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