Kester (1oz.) 186-18 Liq. Soldering Rosin Flux


Kester 186-18 Liq. Soldering Rosin Flux Needle Tip Bottle No Clean (30ml / 1 oz.)



Well….we did it again. We buy this stuff in bulk and bought WAAAAAY too much. While we all have 1 or 2 bottles on our benches the boss said, “…get rid of some!!”

We use this flux for EVERYTHING! It’s simply the best flux for prototype, production, and re-work. The flux residue after soldering is non-corrosive and non-conductive – no cleanup necessary!!! We re-bottle this premium flux from bulk Kester packaging and distribute to our techs. The handy bottle dispenser utilizes a stainless steel needle tip for accurate flux dispensing.

BTW… The “-18” refers to 18% solids.
Color is lighter amber compared to Kester 186 which
contains a full 36% solids and appears dark amber.
Check out the Kester 186-18 Solder Flux spec. pages for detailed info.

This sale is for one 30ml (~1 oz.) bottle of flux.

*** GREAT TIP ***
Flux impregnated solder wick can lose some of its flux through handling and environmental conditions. For even greater solder removal – use a bit of liquid flux on the exposed solder wick braid just prior to heating the old solder joint.

(We also offer liquid Kester 186 solder flux in a refillable pen dispenser AND we offer 1, 3, 6, 10 & 25 spool packs of high quality solder removal wick.)


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